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Kelly Winters

I would like to submit a testimonial. You see, before I started using Bug Blaster I had all manner of bug problems, from centipedes to ants to spiders and more! It was very unpleasant.

When I searched for bug control companies, I was blown away by the outrageous prices and the contracts that I had to sign in order to get service. But then I found Bug Blaster.

Within two treatments, my bug problems were completely gone! I also learned from the Bug Blaster serviceman about the different types of bugs, when they enter the house and so on. Now I would not miss a single treatment for anything.

I know that I am working with honest, reputable and knowledgeable folks at the Bug Blaster and I simply won’t use any other service from now on. Thank you for giving me peace of mind, even in my basement, knowing that I won’t have an unpleasant and unexpected run in with a pest of any kind!

Tom M from Egg Harbor, WI

Thank you for the great service- Blake is an excellent technician and explained your service very well. The results are already quite outstanding. I am very impressed!

Steve and Cindy from Peshtigo, WI

Just wanted to say what a great job Kevin did at getting rid of the spiders at my cabin and the ants at my house. He showed up on time and did a great job at a good price.

Joan from Menominee, WI

Kevin, Thanx for your help with the critter problems around here. I really appreciate that your bill is so reasonable for all that you did.